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You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.

Henry David Thoreau
I want to be improbable beautiful afraid of nothing, as though I had wings. ~Mary Oliver

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.”

― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.
Luciano de Crescenzo

alis grave nil

nothing [is] heavy with wings i.e. “nothing is heavy to those who have wings”

“A bird in a nest is secure, but that is not why God gave it wings.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”

― J.M. Barrie, The Little White Bird

“The world offers us a lot of mirrors, and we spend a whole lot of time standing in front of a whole lot of them. And regardless of which one of these many mirrors we choose, it will never be large enough to take in ‘all that we are’ in order to reflect ‘all that we are’ back to us. For God made you far too marvelous for the mirrors of men. Therefore, you might want to quit standing in front of them.”

― Craig D. Lounsbrough

You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling … Learn to use them and fly.


Keep up your faith to go high and fly, even after so many pains and sorrow. 
You can turn from a caterpillar to a butterfly. 
Life gives you a second change: a call to grow.
~Ana Claudia Antunes

“Put on some armor. Just remember what's armor and what's you, so when it's time to take it off, you can.”
― Brent Weeks, The Blinding Knife

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